10 Easy & Effective Promotional Strategies For Your Aesthetics or Health Business

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No one will buy a product or service from your health or aesthetics business if they haven’t heard of you or if they are not aware of what you offer. This is one of the reasons why a powerful promotional strategy is vital to the growth of your health or aesthetics business. 

Regardless of the type of health or aesthetics business that you have, you must have a foundation of strong promotional strategies to attract potential clients and grow your business. In this blog post we are going to share with you the 10 easy & effective promotional strategies for a health or aesthetics business:

1. Contest As A Promotional Strategy 

A contest is a great way to create brand awareness and reach a large audience. People love to win free prizes, and so do your clients and prospects. Holding a contest across social media is a great way to attract new clients to your business, gain referrals, and retain existing customers.

2. Social Media Promotions

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are an essential tool to use for promotions. These platforms fuel your promotions and connect your business with a world of potential customers for your health or aesthetics business. People tend to be more relaxed and less defensive to selling on social media, then they are in person. Social media helps you to develop your relationships and bridge the divide between your health or aesthetics business and potential customers.

3. Gathering Current Client Information

You don’t want to forget about clients that are already part of your health or aesthetics business. Make sure to collect their email address. This way you can send out valuable information and promotions to them in the future. These clients are already familiar with your health or aesthetics business and represent the people that are most likely to purchase from your business.

4. Product/Service Giveaways & Samples 

Product/Service giveaways allow your potential customer to sample your product/service before committing to buying. Lots of times this is combined with a limited time promotional offer to incentivize potential clients to take action after sampling your product/service. This is also a great way to introduce new products that people may not be familiar with.

5. Point Of Sale Promotion & End Cap Marketing

The idea behind this promotional strategy is convenience and impulse. These products are placed at strategic areas such as at the reception desk or in the reception area. This product is positioned so it is easily visible & accessible to the customer. Similarly, you can place poster stands promoting your services or current specials in these locations as well.

6. Customer Referral Incentive Program

This strategy is in place to incentivize your current customers to refer new clients to your health or aesthetics business. Free products/services, price discounts, or cash cards are some of the incentives you can use for your clinic. This strategy leverages your own customer base as a sales force.

7. Causes And Charity

Promoting your health or aesthetics business while supporting a cause can be a great strategy. This will position your health or aesthetics business as being something larger than just selling products and services. The customers in your business will feel that they are helping a great cause and will associate your health or aesthetics business with this positive feeling.

8. Branded Promotional Gifts

Giving away branded promotional content is a great strategy to create brand awareness. These gifts should be something that your customers can use often and are kept out in plain sight rather than in the drawer like a flyer. Some great gifts include reusable water bottles, pens, clothing, & notebooks.

9. Customer Appreciation Events

An in house customer appreciation event with free refreshments and prizes are a great strategy. Remember this is an appreciation event so no purchase is necessary to attend. Setting up service and product placements before the event starts is a great way to ensure the items you want to promote can come up in conversation and are highly visible when customers arrive.

10. After Sale Customer Survey

Contacting a customer after they have completed their service is a great way to receive feedback and improve your business. This survey serves a dual purpose as it also promotes your health or aesthetics business as one that cares and is always striving to provide the best possible services and products.

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