How To Use Social Media For E-mail List Building In Your Health & Aesthetics Business & Why?

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Does your clinic have social media accounts with followers on it (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)? Are those followers on your email list as well? 

If not, you are missing out on one of the biggest opportunities to convert your followers into paying customers. You are spending a great deal of time & energy posting on social media, but if you are not capitalizing on these efforts by growing your e-mail list as a result, you are missing out. By using social media to grow your e-mail list you can dramatically increase your client base and grow your health or aesthetics business. Can you imagine that?

In this blog, we are  going to share with you some successful tips on adding your social media followers to your email list. Use the following suggestions and you will see your email list grow!

Why does your health or aesthetics business need a growing e-mail list?

Before we dive into tips that will strengthen the size of your email list,  let’s talk about why it is important:

  • Email reaches billions of people 24/7 – the latest statistics show that there are 3.7 billion people using email and this is expected to increase in 4 years up to 4.3 billion
  • Engagement via email is high – Campaigns that focus on email marketing still get a relatively high engagement rate, and it is still the number one communication tool. 
  • Strategic email marketing campaigns attract clients – Emails deliver over 4x higher ROI than any marketing strategy
  • Email marketing is a powerful tool for lead generation When combined with social media you can really supercharge your marketing

How To Tap Into Social Media to Grow Your Email List 

The biggest challenge with email marketing is that you will be competing with too many emails in someone’s inbox. If you can get your subscribers engaged and build your brand through social media, then your emails are much more likely to be opened. Doing so will also attract more ideal customers to your social media accounts, and if done right, will in turn grow your email list. Now let’s talk about some strategies that you can implement:

1. Use social media to drive traffic to your website or landing pages 

You need to take every advantage of every opportunity to drive traffic to your website and prompt your followers to download a coupon, a complementary treatment, or a trial session. 

Try this:

-Adding a free resource download to your Instagram bio via a link is a great way to get your followers e-mails & drive them to your website
-Add a call to action button or a message button in your Facebook or Instagram profiles.

2. Social media campaigns

Sharing educational content that your following engages with is a great way to get them on your email list. Here are some ideas: 

Try this:

-Educational posts about treatments that your business does

In your social media posts, you would need to encourage your followers to subscribe to your newsletter or provide their email address to receive the free content they want.

3. Hold social media contests & giveaways

Everyone loves free things and with the right strategy you can build an email list of subscribers that are interested in your services through a contest. This can grow your email list faster than you’d expect.

Tips to holding a contest:

  • Make sure that the giveaway is relevant to what your business is offering – for example if you’re giving away an iPad you might get lots of engagement but you aren’t attracting people that would be interested in your service. If you offer health or aesthetics services, make your giveaway a health or beauty related service.
  • Promote your contest across all social channels – in your posts attach a high quality image, creative caption, and a landing page link for your users to go and sign up through. 

4. Promote premium content on your social media posts

This email list building strategy involves giving your audience valuable information in exchange for their email address. For example: “5 ways to have a brighter smile”, or “3 ways to have less oily skin”, or “5 ways to improve your posture”, etc…

Make sure that the content is what your audience wants to learn most about.


Social media and email marketing are powerful tools (when used together) for health and aesthetics business owners that want to build their email list and in turn their business. Use the tips that we gave you above to leverage your social media accounts when building your email list. Chances are that once your fans subscribe to your email list and as you continue to provide valuable content and information, then your readers (with the right processes in place) will start to become paying customers.

If you have any questions or you would like to learn about more great strategies to develop and implement systems that will help acquire, convert, and retain customers for your health & aesthetics business then contact us now or check us out on Facebook & Instagram.

Since we are talking about the importance of email marketing for your health or aesthetics business, we prepared for you 4 e-mail templates that we personally used to grow multiple 7 figure health or aesthetics businesses, grab it below:

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