Why Email is Vital for your Health or Aesthetics Business?

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is an essential tool used in the best health or aesthetics businesses to interact with their clients and promote services they offer. In fact, it is the most effective tool to keep in touch with people. It helps you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.  Sending emails for your health or aesthetics business is an effective way to communicate with your potential customers and subscribers directly. Your health or aesthetics business is able to share what services you offer and target your potential clients. Later in this article, we will talk about how using an autoresponder software will be your holy grail for email marketing. It will enable you to use powerful automation and targeting to send highly effective automated messages.  Your health or aesthetics business is not complete without email marketing, which will keep you in contact with your audience and keep them up to date on all your specials and company news. An important key to remember for your health or aesthetics marketing is to be consistent as you will attract more clients as a result.

Advantages of Email Marketing for your Health or Aesthetics Business 

Now let’s take a look at what email marketing can do for your health or aesthetics business. Thanks to this marketing technique you are able to know exactly what your audience is doing by seeing who opens your email and who doesn’t by segmenting your email list. You are able to attract new clients and get your existing customers coming back for more. 


Using an email marketing application can become an extremely affordable way to reach a large audience of people who have expressed interest in your health or aesthetics business (since only people who have opted in by providing their information will receive your emails). Typically, email marketing programs have a low monthly cost that will give you a large return by increasing your clientele. They might charge you based on the number of subscribers, the amount of messages you send per month, or a flat fee. For example, there are services that let you send emails to a small list for free or for under $10 per month. Some examples are: Constant Contact & MailChimp.


Another great aspect of email marketing is that you are given many marketing tools that allow you to analyze a lot about your subscribers and their behaviour. For example, imagine sending an email message and analyzing who opened the email and clicked the links in your message. After setting up email automations you are even able to view when people fell off your email marketing funnel and develop new ways to get them to keep reading and continue moving them through to generate a sale.

You are able to test, tweak, and optimize different elements of your email campaign such as the subject line, time of delivery, content and more. You can even integrate your marketing tool with your website and social media platforms to dive deeper into your potential clients behaviour. The information you collect will help you optimize your campaigns and create additional email campaigns for retargeting.

Customization and Personalization 

Email marketing applications make it easy for you to customize your email messages to match your health or aesthetics business branding. You have the ability to change the layout, color, text, images, and font to match your brand and attract your health or aesthetics clients. Many applications have made it as easy as dragging and dropping images and copy and pasting your text to create highly professional email messages quickly and effectively.  In addition to how the email looks you are able to create automations that personalize the email for every client. Personalized email messages often generate higher open and click through rates. For example, you are able to include the clients name in the email by personalizing the greeting (“Dear Samantha”). 

Relationship and Trust Building

In order to have a successful health or aesthetics business an important aspect is building a brand consumers recognize and trust. Email marketing campaigns allow you to build your brand awareness and demonstrate authority in the health or aesthetics industry. It allows you to show that you are an expert that consumers can trust. They will develop a perception of your brand based on the email messages you send and when the time comes, potential clients will choose your health or aesthetics business to make a purchase.

As you continue to send automated emails you’re nurturing your leads until they are ready to act and make a purchase. Through email marketing your subscribers will become more comfortable with your brand and see how your company can solve their problems. It also takes the simple click of a button for a recipient to share your email with another contact. This will spread your brand through word of mouth and lead to referrals.

Time Saving

After setting up your email automations you will save a significant amount of your time that is currently dedicated to manual emails. You will be able to create automated emails that send thank you messages, appointment reminders, marketing promotions, and so on. Having automated emails set up will allow you to free up your time to run your health or aesthetics business without having to worry about emails. 

It is important to remember that no technology is perfect, so make sure to check that the automation is properly configured. By adding yourself to the email list you will be able to see when an email is displayed incorrectly and fix it promptly.

How Email Marketing Can Be Personalized For Your Health or aesthetics Business

You are able to take email marketing one step further and personalize emails to certain groups and individuals. You are able to create special deals on services/ products for clients. For example, you are able to create a birthday coupon code with $20 off a service when they purchase during a specific date. Using email marketing for your health or aesthetics businesses will help to build and maintain relationships over time which will lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Email marketing best practices include generating your own email list rather than buying an email list. This will help ensure that you have clients that are interested in your educational content, updates, and promotions. Emails should also be optimized to be mobile friendly as more than 50% of individuals open emails on their phones. 

Health or Aesthetics Business Email Marketing Tips 

Take Charge of Automated Email Workflows

Once you start to develop email marketing campaigns you will want to make sure you understand how automating email works. It not only saves time but helps direct your products and services to clients that are most interested in it by segmenting your clients to different groups.  Before you start creating automations think about the typical path a client takes to make a purchase. This will help you determine your different client groups and how best to set up your email automation.

Attract New Clients  

In addition to connecting with people on your email list. You are able to promote your health or aesthetics business on other social media platforms through sharing on Facebook and posting on Instagram. This will help bring new potential clients to your email list and help to grow your health or aesthetics business.

Promote Education & Services 

Instead of only sending out ads to your email list, begin by educating your audience on the services you offer and how it can benefit them. This will warm up your audience and encourage them to be more engaged with your content. By giving them tips and sharing value you are building rapport, trust, and reliability.

If you have any questions or you would like to learn about more great strategies to develop and implement systems that will help acquire, convert, and retain customers for your health or aesthetics business then contact us now or check us out on Facebook & Instagram.

Since we are talking about the importance of email marketing for your health or aesthetics business, we prepared for you 4 e-mail templates that we personally used to grow multiple 7 figure health or aesthetics businesses, grab it below:

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