Content Strategy For Your Health Business

What Is Content Strategy?

You are probably thinking, what is a content strategy? Well it is a really important component when it comes to your medical spa marketing or any health based business. It focuses on the planning, creation, and delivery of unique content that would help your audience gain valuable information while positioning yourself as an industry expert. 

As you are creating content for your business, it is very important to define who is this content for (i.e your ideal customer, your audience).  Also, you want to think about which problems does your audience want to solve-for example your medical spa target audience may be looking for anti-aging solution).  Your content will speak about their problems, and you will coach and educate them on how to deal with it.

In most cases your content supports the people who are already using the solution that you propose, and helps those who are still in the navigational phase of finding a solution. 

What makes your solution special? 

Your competition is most likely offering solutions to the same problems as you are, and that’s ok. Your goal is to offer a solution that is unique to your aesthetic or health business, and that would make you different from your competition. Think about reasons why your ideal customer should choose to work with than with your competitor. This is your USP (unique selling proposition), and you should communicate it very clearly though every piece of content that you deliver.

How & Where Will you deliver your content 

How will you deliver your valuable content to your target audience? Blogs? Video format? Facebook? Pinterest? Instagram? LinkedIn?  You need to keep in mind that different platforms require different formatting and design, and that would require some work. After you determine which outlets would be most valuable to deliver information on, you will publish your content, it will make it much easier if you have a plan and a budget in place. 

Managing your content

You can easily create content by starting out with topics that you will want to speak to your audience. Over time as you will deliver regular valuable information you will assert yourself as an authority figure in your marketplace. As you go through this process you will gain clarity around your content, who your are creating it for, and where/when you will be publishing it. Also, you will want to think about the logistics behind delivering and posting the content on different platforms, and have a person on your team to manage your audience and community. 

Why Does Your Aesthetic Or Health Business Must Have a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing will help your business have a reliable and cost effective traffic to your website. For example, when you write a blog on your website, you can embed a lead magnet on it and have this blog drive leads to your business organically.  Your website traffic may convert into fans, fans into leads, and leads into paying customers. This will ultimately create an evergreen sources of leads. Once you have that, you can focus on other sources of traffic (i.e sponsored content, facebook/instagram ads, paid search)

Step-By-Step To Creating A Content Marketing Strategy

Now let’s talk about how to create a content marketing plan for your aesthetics or health business 

1. Have A Clear Goal 

Think about the purpose of developing a content marketing plan, and what would it do for your business? You need to think of a clear goal, because it will help you plan your content and determine what you should write about 

2. Conduct target audience research.

You need to have a clear understanding on who you are writing your content for, it needs to resonate with your target audience and create a desire within them to learn more or to reach out. By clearly defining your target audience you will produce content that is valuable and impactful. Creating useful content will entice readers to keep on reading and potentially turn into leads and paying customers.  

3. Choose a content management system.

You will want to have a software in place where you can plan,produce, publish, and analyze the results of your content.  Having a software will save you time and money, and give you measurable outcomes to your content production efforts.

4. Headline Analyzer Tool 

The headlines of your content are really important, they will entice your readers to be engaged. CoSchedule is a helpful tool that analyzes headlines and titles and provides an evaluation that would help you choose the right sets of words. 

6. Determine which types of content you want to create.

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to content creation: blogs, ebooks,testimonials, video, social media posts are just to name a few. Let’s examine these deeper: 


Blogs are articles that you write and post on your website. You should have a consistent schedule to post valuable information to your ideal customers. You should encourage you posts to be shared online, sharebality would help to get more traffic to your website and more eyes on your blogs. You posts should be approximately 1000-2000 words. 


Ebooks are a great lead generation tool, website visitors can download ebooks after they submit a lead form for in exchange for their contact information. Ebooks are usually longer and more in depth pieces of content. 


A testimonial is an opportunity to tell a story about a customer who succeeded in solving a problem by working with you. These case studies can be distributed via blog posts, ebook, checklists, etc. 

Your case study should be aligned with solutions that you target audience is struggling with. 


Videos is the preferred method of content consumption, it is easy to watch and digest content in this manner. In fact, video content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media. There are many options for video, from buying premade video and integrating it with your brand, going live on social media, creating a YouTube channel, and more. 

Social Media

As you start to create and regularly post content, you can repurpose it and distribute it on other sites. Posting on social media will amplify your brand and deliver valuable content to where customers hang out, the following are some examples to where you post on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkenIn, YouTube

7. Publish and manage your content.

Once you planned, generated, and created your content you will want to create an editorial calendar which will contain all the content that you are planning to post online. It will take a lot of stress off when you plan your content in advance, and not week by week.   

Do you have a content strategy in place? Let’s talk about it! We Grow Your Clients is a company that was founded by industry experts whose passion is to partner other Aesthetic & Health business owners and create strategies and systems that will help you attract, convert, and retain more customers. Click the link below to book a complimentary 30 minute coaching, we look forward to speaking with you soon! 


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