Can Subscription Boxes Be Beneficial To Your Health or Aesthetics Business?

As the world continues to be impacted by COVID-19, many businesses are unable to operate as they had in the past. Social distancing, restrictions, and other measures are causing everyone to rethink how they do business.

We want to give you more food for thought about how you can think outside of the box by looking at subscription boxes and kits.

Now is a great time and opportunity to think of subscription box ideas that are suitable for your business and clientele. Your customers miss you and you can be there to serve them in ways that continue to create trust and loyalty even if you are unable to serve them as you have in the past.

Generally speaking, the subscription box market is extremely popular, it is worth around $10 billion dollars. Almost 50% of consumers who shop online also report having at least one subscription box.

If your business can find a safe way to create subscription boxes (or affiliate with a company) to serve the needs of your customers then not only can you continue making money now, but you can also meet the ever changing needs of your clients who are home right now and are looking for your guidance. In fact, well positioned subscription boxes are still selling out even given the current environment.

Here are some ideas that you can box up to help your customers feel and look great:

  • Online conference beauty kits. Try to think of anything that one would need for a web conference and box it up. This can be related to accessories, clothing, makeup, or hair.
  • Hair care kits. Give your customers the products and other items needed to maintain their hair as they are unable to visit hair salons right now. You can include video demos to make it more interactive.  
  • Salon care kits. Package up skin or nail kits. Include tutorials where customers can connect with you online.
  • Bath and spa kits. This can include bath bombs, bath gel and bubbles, epsom salts or other things that can make your clients feel great.
  • Energy shakes. This can include ingredients with easy to make tutorials.

With your clients stuck at home, now more than ever, is a great time to provide them with what they need to look and feel great. Your clients will thank you for it.


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