6 SIMPLE ways to PROTECT & GROW Your Business during COVID-19

As we are going through the COVID-19 storm together, we want to take this time and offer you some guidance on how you can navigate these challenging times.

​While the news can make things seem hopeless, I want you to understand that these times will eventually pass. Since you cannot control how the virus will continue to behave and impact your business, I recommend that you focus on what you can control instead.

​Now more than ever I want to offer you some advice in regards to what you can do for your business now and how to be prepared for the eventual recovery so you can hit the ground running:

​1. Communicate with your clients πŸ“£β€‹

Keep in touch with your customers, check in on them, & reschedule visits to a future date. Don’t just cancel appointments without rescheduling them as it will be much more difficult to get your schedule back to normal when things recover. By having a booked schedule 6-8 weeks from now you will position yourself for a quick recovery. Keeping in touch will ensure that your business stays top of mind and customers don’t forget about you and their future appointments.​

2. Focus on Social Media πŸ’»β€‹

Go live on your facebook and instagram pages and share valuable educational content that will help you connect with your clients in real time. Encourage them to comment and share your videos so that your business gains more visibility and so that your content can help others too. Remember the current situation is temporary, so continuing to perform marketing activities now will provide benefits in the future.​

3. Set up your Online Store πŸ›οΈβ€‹

If you haven’t done so, this is a great time to provide the option to buy your products & services online. Even if you only sell hands on services that you might not be able to provide for the time being due to a temporary closure, a lot of clients are looking to the future and will use the services when everything goes back to normal.​

4. Create Attractive Offers πŸ’²β€‹

While some clients have reduced their spending, there are still a lot of clients whose salaries have not been affected and are either working from home or are in controlled environments. By providing an attractive promotion to your customers you can help generate revenue for your business now instead of waiting for things to change.​

5. Focus on Products πŸ“¦β€‹

While some services are nearly impossible to provide right now, if you carry physical products that can be shipped, now is a great time to take advantage of them. Promote these products through your live videos, email, and social media posts. The sale of these products can provide revenue until services can be performed again. If you don’t carry physical products, now is the perfect time to plan and research how you can add them into your business offering as the sale of products always complements the sale of services well.​

6. Grow your Knowledge πŸ“–β€‹

Like most business owners, you might be finding that the day to day activities you completed before the pandemic hit are no longer necessary. I recommend you use this time wisely to fill in gaps in your knowledge. Think about what you were always looking to gain more expertise in, but never had the time to learn. That way, when the world goes back to normal, you will have more tools in your arsenal to grow your business.​

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