5 Ways To Build Loyal Clients & Reduce Churn In Your Health Business

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As a business owner, there are times where you must ask yourself, what is the best way to get more business? Focusing on customer retention is an often overlooked yet an extremely impactful strategy to get more business. Retaining your current clients and growing your share of wallet with them will result in a greater ROI, and studies show, costs 5-7X less than acquiring new clients.

In this blog we break down the best retention strategies that you can start to use in your health business today. They are simple, easy to implement, and full of impact! 

Client Retention Ideas For Your Health Business

1. Client Loyalty Program

While you want to make sure that you don’t lose customers, you must also remember to appreciate your loyal customers as well. After all, what would your loyal customers think if you put all your energy towards people who don’t love your practice? That won’t seem fair.

A client loyalty program rewards customers for their loyalty and continued patronage of your business. Essentially, clients get rewarded for consuming the products and services that your practice has to offer. This will keep your loyal customers happy and feeling appreciated as they are receiving more than what they just paid for. Also, keep in mind that your top 10% of clients spend 3x more than the rest of your customers, so let’s make sure to keep them happy.

2. Your Health Business Newsletter

Creating a newsletter for your health business is a cost effective and simple way to retain your customers. Newsletters can be sent via email and can include information about your current promotions or services offered at your business. You can also include valuable information that educates your clients. It is also a nice touch to include some tasteful jokes or updates to lighten up the content of your newsletter. A newsletter will help keep your customers engaged with your health business and keep your business top of mind. It is important to commit to a frequency (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and be consistent when sending out your newsletter. Even though it’s simple, newsletters remind your customers of your health business every time they open their inbox.

3. Customer Feedback

It’s hard to retain clients and improve your health business if you don’t know what your customers are saying about it. A process should be put in place to receive feedback regarding what your clients liked and didn’t like about their experience with your business. This feedback is extremely useful as you can fix what clients do not like and keep doing what they do like. There are a few ways to collect client feedback. The most common way is to implement a Net Promoter Score or you can simply ask your customers to answer a survey. Once you gather the feedback you should set time out to review it and make changes accordingly. You should focus on trends and common areas that were identified for improvement in order to enhance your clients experience. Trust us, this is worth the effort!

4. Leverage Personalization 

Coming across as authentic and human allows you to create a relationship with your clients. Even though people like convenience (such as buying packages at your online store) they still like to feel like they are talking to a human. Customer service is still necessary. Some health businesses choose to use a social media platform to communicate with their clients (i.e through DM’s on Instagram). Remember to always add personality to your messages. Nobody likes robotic responses, so make sure when you are communicating it sounds like you are a human.

5. Use subscriptions to enhance experience

Creating a subscription in your health business will help your business to build “sticky” customers. This means that clients are more likely to stay loyal to you and not head over to a competitor. Creating a membership experience does not have to be overly complicated. It can be as simple as creating exclusive offers and services that are available to members only. You can also offer services or products that are provided on a monthly basis for a subscription fee (i.e. 1 cosmetic treatment/massage each month).

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