5 High Converting Emails That Increase Sales & Turn Leads Into Customers

Think about this: Out of 100 people you contact the first time, 86 people won’t take any action to come to your business.

As you spend time and resources in your health or aesthetics business to acquire new clients it is important to consider the importance of ongoing communication and nurturing. Consistent communication at strategic points is key as most sales happen after multiple touch points.

The message here is clear: consistent communication at strategic points over time will lead to more conversions and sales.

When it comes to communications, there are many platforms you can use in your health or aesthetics business but email should be first on your list. Email marketing dominates by having the highest return on investment (ROI) of 122%, which is 4x higher than social, direct mail, or paid search. Well crafted emails give you the opportunity to win over those clients who interacted with your business, but never took the next step to buy or encourage existing clients to buy more.

Takeaways From The 5 High Converting Emails

1. Abandoned Cart Emails

Have you ever gone shopping online and abandoned your cart midway through the purchase because you might have gotten busy and told yourself you would complete it after? Then, later on in the day, you might have received an email to remind you to complete your purchase?

In an abandoned cart email a key ingredient for success is having multiple call to action buttons (i.e “I need this” or “Buy now” buttons) throughout the email. This allows the reader, at any point in the email, to go back to their cart and complete their purchase quickly. Most online commerce platforms or e-mail providers have tools that allow you to set-up automatic abandoned cart emails.

This is known as an abandoned cart email and is a very effective email. These types of emails are powerful as it is shown that 1 in 5 people open the email and half of the opened emails lead to a purchase.

2. Monthly Newsletters 

An oldie, but still a goodie, the newsletter helps to keep your customers & leads engaged with your health or aesthetics business by releasing monthly emails that offer educational content. This newsletter should be in line with what your ideal customer wants to read and learn more about. Valuable content draws users to your business and in turn encourages them to make purchases and inquire about your products and services. On top of that, you will position yourself as a trusted authority in your industry and always stay top of mind with your subscribers. Most email providers provide newsletter templates that can be populated with your content and sent to your subscribers.

3. Promotional Offer Email

When done right, promotional emails can help you increase sales. But when done wrong, they can be marked as spam and irritate your audience. Promotional emails do just what they sound like: they promote a product, service, or special offer.

So what makes a promotional email successful?

Less text. More pictures. Or even better a GIF or video.  

Using an image or video to present your promotion allows you to summarize your promotion without overwhelming the reader with text. It is easily digestible and readers are much more likely to take the next step when they have a clear image of the offer. The next time you are writing a promotional email take this into high consideration.

4. Expiring Offer/ Trial Email

Do you currently have an offer or trial at your health or aesthetics business? If you are looking to increase your conversion from a lead to paying customer or want your current customers buying more, then this email strategy is for you. The first thing you want to do is ensure that you have set a date that your offer will expire on and make it known to your audience on all platforms including social media. Scarcity and time pressure are powerful when combined with an offer. 

You should send an email to your email list to indicate that your offer is expiring which creates pressure to make a fast decision. The email should be sent close to the date that your offer will end, as this will encourage your audience to take action. Some email providers allow you to place a countdown clock in your email for even more impact. This simple strategy can be very impactful in boosting sales.

5. Feature Announcement Email

As you work hard to introduce new services and products to your health or aesthetics business, it’s exciting to share the news with your clients. So how do you make your clients not only care about your new service but also try it out? 

Prior to adding any new services and products, I recommend you ask for feedback from clients to determine what types of services they would like to see offered. Then, when it comes time to release your new service, you can send these customers a personal email letting them know their feedback was implemented and that this service is coming out to help solve their needs. This will result in a much higher email open and response rate. It allows your clients to feel that they are being cared for and that their opinion is respected.

So, before you hit send on your next batch of emails, consider using some of the high converting emails above.

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