3 Ways to Use Branded Content to Make Your Health or Aesthetics Business Stand Out

Have you watched the LEGO movies?

Have you seen the Victoria Secret Fashion Show?

If you have, you have experienced branded content.

As you know, social media marketing has become integrated into everyone’s lives and, while this is positive, has also made it harder for your marketing efforts to stand out as the marketplace has become saturated with ads. By creating branded content you are able to connect with your audience, create awareness, and build your brand more effectively.

What is Branded Content?

Branded content is the technique of creating content (videos, events, podcasts, publications, etc.) that is linked to your brand and allows the consumer of the content to make a connection with your brand.

The content is perceived to be more consumer centric and less focused on your product or service. The main focus is to provide something of entertainment or value that resonates with your consumer at an emotional level. Individuals do not want to feel that they are being sold to. Instead you want to position your health or aesthetics business as a solution to a problem or struggle they have by heightening their emotions and allowing them to connect with your practice & brand.

In the LEGO movie example above, LEGO teamed up to produce movies that showcased characters and scenes made of lego blocks. They created a unique movie that became a global success. Their sales and brand awareness increased dramatically as a result. This, without running a single paid ad that focused on promoting their LEGO products directly. Instead they were able to achieve this outcome indirectly via the movie.

Now, while I know we can’t all spend millions of dollars on a movie or glamorous show, here are some great branded content ideas you can use:

Hold a Competition

Consider creating a competition. Depending on your industry, you can create a competition that showcases the skills & talents of you, your team, or other professionals in your field. You could judge the competition and give prizes. This could all be recorded and then uploaded as a video series on social media. For example, for the aesthetics industry you can have competitors in the skin & beauty field complete make-overs and showcase the before and after results. Keep in mind, you can make this as big or as small as you are comfortable with. Initially, you can just limit it to you and your staff or other colleagues in the industry. Then, if you like, you can make it an American Idol scale production 🙂

Host an Educational Event

This can be a live event or a recorded broadcast as you can choose what you are most comfortable with. In the event, you can have speakers provide valuable information about topics your clients would resonate with. For example, in the health & beauty industry, you can have speakers (some of whom could be yourself, your staff, or other experts) discuss anti-aging, skin care, & pain & stress relief. In doing so, you will build your reputation as an expert in your field and create a connection with potential clients.

Create a Podcast or Video Series

Podcasts or a Video Series is a great way to build your brand, awareness, and reach a large audience. Your podcast or video series can be a series of short episodes highlighting valuable information for your ideal customer. Similar to an event, you can have guest speakers, fellow staff, and other professionals join you to discuss topics of interest for your ideal customer. All episodes can be recorded and shared on social media. By doing this you will build trust, authority, and a strong connection with your audience. This will, in turn, result in more clients for your business as potential clients will choose you for the solution to their problems.
In short, branded content bypasses the sales message and provides value & entertainment to your consumer. Through branded content you are building an emotional connection with your ideal customer.

Your social media audience will want to aspire to identify with your content. This leads to engagement (likes, comments, shares) on the content you are posting across social media platforms. In the long run, this plays an important factor in fostering brand loyalty for your health or aesthetics business.

If we think about it in terms of ROI (return on investment), branded content for your health or aesthetics business will aid in brand recall, purchase decisions, and produce a passionate community around your health or aesthetics business.

Branded content enables you to truly stand out.

Let’s walk through a guideline you should use when creating branded content for your health or aesthetics business.

  1. Stay true to your health or aesthetics business brand and personality.
  2. Identify causes or interests that align with your health or aesthetics business.
  3. Have a clear picture of your ideal customer and what they would respond positively too.
  4. Test, tweek and evaluate how your content is doing based on your audiences engagement.

In Summary: Why create branded content?

  1. It creates more engagement as the audience gets direct value or entertainment 
  2. It helps your audience understand the core values of your health or aesthetics business
  3. It’s shareable and relatable
  4. It builds brand loyalty, trust, and aids in building a community around your business

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