3 Reasons Customer Feedback Is Essential For Your Health or Aesthetics Business

What is the most important factor in your health or aesthetics business? 

Your customers, of course.

They are the reason you get up everyday and do what you do for your health or aesthetics business. You went into the health or aesthetics business industry because you have a passion for helping people. Now that you have seen how your business has grown from the ground up you’ve come to realize how important those people are for you.

This is why the feedback you receive from your customers is extremely important. With 92% of new customers relying on family and friends recommendations, you can only imagine how valuable feedback is from your customers.

By using a retention tool which integrates into your health or aesthetics business software you can gain insight on how your customers feel about your clinic, whether they will recommend you to their family and friends and if they will come back.

That is why it is important to not forget about your existing customers. They also spend 62% more than new customers and that’s a number you can’t ignore.

In this blog post we’re going to take a look at 3 reasons why customer feedback is essential for the growth of your business.

1. Use customer feedback to check your health or aesthetics business performance 

Customer feedback is a great way to get a full picture on how your health or aesthetics business is performing. Your customers are the ultimate judge of your business and their opinion matters most at the end of the day. When using customer feedback you can review various parts of your health or aesthetics business including:

  • Specials and promotions (i.e which do best)
  • Performance of your staff
  • Services that you offer (i.e. which clients like the most)
  • Value of your packages and series (i.e. how they feel about your service offering)
  • Identify any issues early so that you can resolve them

Once you have determined how your customers feel about the above factors you can see what you are doing well and begin addressing any weaknesses in your customer experience journey and make the necessary changes.

2. Showing clients that you care 

This reason is almost self explanatory. Asking customers for feedback shows the fact that you care about the quality of service you provide and are actively working on improving it. Customers feel appreciated when they’re being heard and knowing that you care about their opinion.

3. Customer feedback ensures repeat customers

Your repeat customers are the life of your business. It costs 6-7 times more to acquire new customers then keep existing customers. A happy customer will keep coming back for more. They are the ones that keep coming back because they fell in love with certain aspects of your business. By asking for feedback you are ensuring that your customers are happy with their services and you can find which areas need fine tuning. This is how you will ensure that your customers will stay loyal to your business forever.

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